Alumin Converted Foil for Packaging

Alumin Converted Foil for Packaging

Aluminium foil, from the minimal thickness of 5.5 my onwards, is the ultimate solution for providing total barrier against light, Oxygen and humidity. Used as an intermediate layer in different complex structure is widely used for:


  • Pouches: sensitive food like coffee, tea, milk in powder, chips, and a thousand of others require a conservation meaning that preserves the organoleptic characteristics. At the same level even cosmetic and several chemical products are attackable by gas and moisture and needs protection . The choice is a foil of aluminium in the multilayer film structure. To fulfill expectations we put a specific attention to any detail such as absolute lowest microholes rate, restricted tolerance, printability.
  • Retortable pouches: aseptic bags and cartons : easily degradable products require a process of elimination of the microorganisms causing spoilage of food. Lamination of this multilayer films is critical and only superior characteristics of adhesion and correct behavior in processing can guarantee the optimal result.
  • Automatic food wrapping: form, fill and seal machines are faster and faster and the film features must stand this enhances stress. Aluminium layer can give an important contribution to the final performance
  • Cheese foil: this kind of food is very sensitive to flavour modification caused by external influence. Aluminium is the protection. Evidently aluminium surface is required to totally uncontaminated to avoid that the foil itself could become a reason of degradation.
  • Direct food wrapping: high valued products like chocolate needs definitely the Aluminium Foil protection. The packaging process and the high esthetical standards can not be satisfied by an “average” set of characteristics. On the contrary Montefiore Foil is appreciated as one of the best material for purpose.
  • Lidding: lidding foils have to stand particular conversion process and must provide highly reliable performance in lacquering and printing. In this application the Quality requirements are rigid and no issue is tolerated. The good mecahnical properties and excellent wettability are trimmed also for this field of application.
  • Labelling: billions of pressure sensitive labels or bottle necks are made of aluminium. High speed application and first class esthetical requirements can be fulfilled by the right tension, elongation and by a good surface cleanliness.
  • Wine capsules: in wine capsules, doesn’t matter if laminated or obtained by single sheet, occur simultaneously a large number of requirements. Our foil solves them all brilliantly by his very good printability and malleability.

Aluminium for Insulation and Industrial Application

Aluminium foil has so consistent features making it perfect also for:


  • building insulation: a good capability to stop electromagnetic wawes is a typical feature of aluminium. The same about noise. And not be forgotten the resistance to corrosion even if exposed to atmospheric agents. Complexed in many different solutions aluminium foil protects for ages buildings and constructions saving energy and improving quality of life. It also provide a definite contribution to safety because, being a barrier against Oxygen, it helps in fire extinguishing by opposing the combustion.
  • cable insulation: high quality cables needs a protective layer against magnetic influence affecting the quality of transmission. They also need to resist against natural agents like sun, rain, high T° and polluted environment.
  • climate insulation: by the already mentioned features and the good reflective properties Aluminium Foil is the preferred choice when a barrier to thermal energy transmission is necessary. Protection clothes for firefighters or protective packaging for overseas delivery are typical examples.

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