Machine stretch film

BI-ORIENTED stretch film for industrial palletizing

New generation with very high yield

THICKNESS FROM 10> 20 my neutral, colored, printed.

Pre-stretched stretch film for automatic or manual use thicknesses 7 – 8 – 9 my.

Biorientized stretch films offer significant advantages by taking advantage of the low thickness and toughness that distinguishes them from traditional films.

Using a lot of plastic to wrap your pallets, not only is it a waste, it also involves higher fees for disposal (Conai), greater downtime for coil changes, and a lot more plastic in the environment.

Our films will save you money, ensuring superior load stability and respecting the environment.

The particular extrusion techniques also allow you to have a very adhesive film on the inside and slippery externally, this allows you to have well-bandaged pallets and not sticky externally facilitating loading operations on trucks.

film estensibile per macchine automatiche
Machine stretch film