Shrink film


for use on manual or automatic corner machines with continuous welding type Flow Pack thicknesses 12.5 – 15 – 19 – 25 microns, 3 or 5 layers, also irradiated (Cross Link), also produced with antifog treatment (anti-fog).

The BK8 film is a polyolefin shrink film suitable for use with machines for packaging manuals, is automatic.

The film can also be supplied with crown treatment to be subsequently printed.


  • low specific weight
  • high mechanical and optical qualities
  • suitability for contact with food
  • high percentage and shrinkage force even at relatively low temperatures resistance to chemical agents no gas development during welding

Particular characteristics

  • Excellent optical properties
  • High tear resistance

Examples of applications:

Shrink-wrapping of video cassettes, Dvds, dried fruit, candied and freeze-dried fruit, pizzas and other frozen products, vegetables, pastry, dried pasta, stationery products, books, reams and brochures, household articles, cosmetics, products to be stored at low temperatures; over-packaging of boxes of chocolates and toys, etc.

Shrink film