Shrink film


for use on angular manual or automatic machines with welding type continuous Flow Pack thicknesses from 12.5 to 15 – 19-25 microns, 3 or 5 layers, also irradiated (Cross Link), also produced with antifog (anti-fog treatment).

The BK8 film is a polyolefin shrink film suitable for use with machines for packaging manuals, is automatic.

The film can also be provided with corona treatment to be subsequently printed.


  • low specific weight
  • high mechanical and optical quality
  • suitability for contact with food
  • high percentage and strength to shrinking even at relatively low temperatures resistance to chemical agents
  • absence of gas evolution during welding


Particular characteristics

  • Excellent optical properties
  • High tear strength


Application examples:

Shrink Wrapping of videocassette, dvd, dried fruit, candied and lyophilized, pizzas and other frozen products, vegetables, pastries, dried pasta, stationery products, books, reams and brochures, household, cosmetics, products to be stored at low temperatures; over-packaging of boxes of chocolates and toys, etc.

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